Reputation Management Firm Announces New Board Advisor: Polly Morton

The former executive, Polly Morton, joins the Status Labs’s Board of Advisors. Status Labs is a leading provider of reputation management in the industry.


Status Labs announced the addition of a new member, Polly Morton, to their board of advisors. Mr Morton was former Director for and he is currently Vice President of the Gerson Lehrman Group.


According to Status Labs president, Darius Fisher, Mr Morton is a renowned industry professional, and the team at Status Labs is delighted to welcome her to the company. Polly Morton has extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the industry.


Morton is a competent professional in the online reputation and crisis management industries. As a leader and expert in the field, Polly Morton is expected to contribute immensely to the continued growth and success of Status Labs.


Status Labs is a well established online reputation management firm, with clients across the world. The company is regarded as one of the best in the industry, with a team of highly qualified professionals. Each of the professionals at Status Labs has many years of experience providing reputation monitoring and management to clients.


Status Labs caters to the needs of institutions, corporations, multinational companies and individuals who are concerned about their online profile. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries and they are always raving about the top notch service they receive. If you don’t have a system in place to keep track of what’s being said about you or your business, it’s imperative that you get in touch with Status Labs right away.


When you contact the professionals at Status Labs, they will schedule a consultation to go over your requirements and develop a customized program to meet your needs. There is a lot of information on the company’s website, and it is advisable to browse around and learn more about the benefits of using their services. You will be absolutely delighted when you start to use their reputation monitoring and management service to protect your name and your business. Join many other businesses and individuals who are benefiting from the expert services of Status Labs.

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Dappled Apple Whimsy Delivered From 23 Layers

23 Layers is the premiere event planning business in New York City catering not just to the city but to places far beyond as well. Due to their incredible turnout they are always booked throughout the city and have been able to expand their reach to cater to other clients throughout the US. Just from one look at what they can do it is easy to see why they are taking the lead in party planning for celebrations large and small.

Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman are the two leading ladies that make up the 23 Layers team. It is in part their many years of experience and in another part their shining personalities that make it such a joy to plan a party or event with 23 Layers. Though the two women have the capabilities to plan an unrivaled large corporate event, they can also plan a equally impressive small gathering like the country farm party they have created for one year old Teddy’s birthday.

To set the scene, the guests were greeted at Teddy’s birthday with a red and white checkered table cloth enrobing a just so high table so the one year old friends of Teddy could sit around it and enjoy their lovely snacks. 23 Layers not only sets the stage but also caters the parties they plan, so it is to be expected that the guests of Teddy’s party were munching on snacks not only mouthwateringly delicious but also decoratively whimsical.

Adults and children were able to sink their teeth into glossy candy coated apples, as crisp in their style as they were to the bite. Also gracing the farm table dessert bar were other apple themed desserts including mini apple pies, and a voluminous jar of chilled apple cider to sip on.

Embracing form and function, 23 Layers designed a perfect cup for the one year old friends to drink the amber cider from. Lidded mason jar cups, befitted with a swirling red and white striped straw were the perfect cup for the one year olds to drink from without spilling their juice.

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Martin Lustgarten – World Reknown Investment Banker of Venezuelan Origin

Living in Florida, Martin Lustgarten is a seasoned and experienced investment banker whom has built for himself a career from very little. As an accredited investor, he has made investments in many different companies, including technology startup companies. He is of Venezuelan Latin American background and frequently advises on Venezuelan economic issues with regard to international trade. He gives simple advice to those seeking to enter the investment banking field for career success.

He has noted that the Chinese economy has the potential to overtake the US economy in world economic dominance. He does warn that the Chinese economy is very unstable due to Chinese debt. China also serves as a major trading partner for Venezuela as Venezuela is a major oil-producing nation. Given the global impact of his efforts, Martin Lustgarten takes the global consequences of his actions into consideration.

He has 3 different criteria which he looks at, and advises other investment bankers to consider when making investments. The first is to fully understand the environment in which the investment is being made. Thus, it helps to have a clearer understanding of all the risks and rewards which come with making the investment. Once he understands all of the risks involved from the environmental perspective, he is also a big believer in avoiding excessively risky investments. Finally, he is a big believer in studying the market and being fully prepared for what you are getting into. Essentially, having a solid portfolio is just a matter of having the right perspective and choosing the right destination to invest. A good portfolio should be globalized, with investments in many countries. It’s a good idea to check every new location which could be profitable for a potentially successful investment. Check out his Vimeo account to see what else he’s into.


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How Does Eric Pulier Work With Innovators In The Tech Sector?

Eric Pulier does not get enough credit for being an innovator in the tech sector because he has done work for people who need the most assistance. That was the early part of his career, but he is now transitioning into the latter part of his career where he is advising people on the cutting edge. He works on the X Prize committee that is trying to create the best spaceships to get into space, and he is also hoping that his work on that committee affects change in the world.

Eric Pulier has learned that the time he spends on new technology will benefit a lot of people. He sees people come before the X Prize committee with amazing ideas, and he wonders how those ideas will help people who are deeply in need. He also wonders how people will take the auxiliary technology to the masses. Pulier has worked with people who are trying to make the world a better place, and he has helped shape the direction that people are taking with ideas they just had.

The beauty of what Eric Pulier does is that he is able to change the world for just a few people at a time. He started Starbright World because he wanted to help just a few kids who were terminally ill, and he started People Doing Things to help people with disabilities who were in need of an advocate. He now pushes other people to do the same kinds of work, and he makes sure that every new technology change has a component of kindness.

There are a lot of people who are benefiting from what Eric does, and he is still out there asking people how they are changing the world. He does not want people to make new designs just because they can. He wants people to make new designs because it is worth it. He wants people to do good work because it is the right things to do, and he wants to make sure that all children are receiving the best opportunities that they can get.

John Goullet Leads Diversant

John Goullet is principal and executive at Diversant LLC . John founded Info Technologies LLC in 1994 and served as Chief Executive Officer. He was first a computer consultant having been an IT staffing executive before that. Previous companies included Computer Sciences Corporation in New Jersey from 1981 to 1983, the Constell Group from 1983 to 1986, and Cap Gemini in Edison NJ from 1990 to 1994.

He focused his business on understand the needs of his client base. He switched to staffing from IT consulting in 1994, and provides leadership and strategy to grow the organization. He founded IT technologies, which in 5 years grew to $30 M, earning it a sport on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies (private held) in the US. He merged INFO technologies with Diversant to form Diversant LLC. Diversant is a personal career agent for IT workers and is growing quickly in this area. It scours the landscape for opportunities for IT workers.

John Goullet has a long experience in this area, as his previous corporate experience cited above shows, and was educated at Ursinus College in New Jersey. He earned a reputation in IT staffing for being thorough in his vetting of employees and potential IT workers. He engaged in workplace diversification and enabled building of good strong IT staffs, leading to the merger with Diversant LLC and accolades that have followed since that time from industry watchers and business groups. Productivity Increases as worker efficiency and cohesion increases, and Goullet was a good exponent of this theory.

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Keith Mann Anounced 2016 Scholarship for Achievement

Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners
Keith Mann had established Dynamic Search Partners. He is considered to be an expert in the following areas:
* hedge fund compensation
* hiring and staffing strategies
He launched this Alternative Investment practice in the year 2002. This is with Dynamics Executive Search.

Scholarship for Professional Achievement
Keith Mann has made the announcement about the new Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship that has been made available. This is a Professional Achievement Scholarship that is intended to offer recognition for the upcoming generation of business leaders. These would be the new generation of innovative leaders in business. Keith and Keely Mann are proud to join and partner with Uncommon Schools. The Uncommon School is a non-profit charter management organization. This is based in New York City. This is a scholarship opportunity that will be made available to a senior graduating student. This is available to one student every year at one of the Brooklyn-based uncommon high schools.

The Application Process for the Scholarship
Each applicant will need to complete a process in order to try out for this scholarship. If a graduating senior student would like to try to obtain the scholarship they will need to write an essay. This is a 1,000-word essay. The essay will need to explain exactly how a college degree is going to help them to achieve their professional goals. This scholarship clearly displays the commitment of Keith Mann. He has a commitment to the identification of strong leaders. This scholarship process will identify these leaders and pair them with companies that will cultivate their success.

The Uncommon School and Preparation
The Uncommon Schools have a clear goal. The goal is to prepare low-income students to attend and graduate from college. The outcome is success for these students on a professional level. The degree will foster their goals and future professional endeavors. This scholarship is a good opportunity for students at the Uncommon Schools. This is a scholarship that fully supports the mission of the school.

Keith Mann and Education
Keith Mann is known to be an advocate for education. He is also a philanthropist. He is generous and has the goal of offering his support for the Uncommon School’s mission and graduating senior students in Brooklyn, New York area.

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Hiring the Handy Company for All Of Your Cleaning Needs

When springtime rolls around, it can be difficult for you to keep your home cleaned the way that it should. This is why a lot of people have been hiring the Handy company for themselves. The Handy company is a great business that helps to keep and get your home as clean as possible. This can save you time, money and hassle because of the fact that they do all of the heavy work for you. You won’t have to deal with the cleaning on your own ever again.

Once you hire the Handy, they send one of their helpful cleaners to your home or place of business to begin the work. This will be a great option for you and can help you to get that much-needed spring cleaning done without necessarily doing it all on your own. The most important thing to remember is that this is a company you can feel confident in and one that will do wonders for you when you are choosing to get that type of work done. The most important thing for you to do is to contact Handy and see if they are able to help with this project.

Another wonderful aspect when using the Handy company is that they will be able to set up an online or app account for you, making it easy for you to hire a local cleaning professional and have them come to your home right away. You can even pay online to save time and hassle, allowing you to even put a tip for your cleaning person when they leave the home. Whether you are a homeowner or someone who owns a business and needs to get it cleaned, it is vital that you consider the Handy company and see what they are all about. Make sure to consider Handy when doing any and all of the spring cleaning at home to see if they will fit into your budget and if you can get their assistance when doing all of the spring cleaning that is needed to get the home looking its absolute best.

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Handy Hits $1 Million A Week In Bookings As Cleaning Economy Consolidates

Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly 13F

Highland Capital Management is one of the best performing hedge funds in global markets. It was co-founded by James Dondero along with Mark Okada. The expertise of Dondero has seen the firm expand tremendously and built vast relationships with other business all over the world. The firm commitment to offering exclusive products to retail and institutional investors has been its hallmark of success. Currently, Highland Capital has over $20 billion assets under its management.

Highland Capital filed 13F that shows its portfolio is valued at $3.42 billion. This represents a slight decline compared to previous year. The firm reduced some of its stakes holding in Anthenahealth Inc by 83.13 %, Ishares Tr (Put) (IWM) by 52.05%, and American Airls Group Inc (AAL) by 56.11%. The firm also slashed its stakes in American Express Co (Call) (AXP) by 17.54%, Anadarko Pete Corp (APC) by 76.75%, and Nrg Energy Inc (NRG) by 20.76%.

Moreover, the firm acquired new stocks that include Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr for $67.07 million, Amazon Com Inc for $23.35 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc for $17.73 million, Danaher Corp Del for $17.24 million, and Intra Cellular Therapies Inc for $15.90 million.

According to the filing, the Highland Capital also increased its stakes in American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL) by 60% to $204.25 million, Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO) by 16% to $87.91 million, and Kinder Morgan Inc Del by 173% to $5.38 million.

Since the 1980s, Dondero has been credit investor and credit analyst. He studied at the University of Virginia where earned a dual major degree in accounting and finance. He also holds a rare combination of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Before co-founding Highland Capital, Dondero was an employee at American Express where he was in charge of managing more than $1 billion fixed income funds. Later he moved to GIC a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance where he served as a Chief Investment Officer. He helped the company grow from inception to $2billion worth from 1989 to 1993. This is impressive achievements for a young leader he was. Since then he has continued to build monuments of success in different other ventures.

Apart from a successful career, Dondero is also active in philanthropic work. He strongly supports noble causes such challenged children with diabetes through Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Moreover, in an effort to influence positive global change, Dondero heavily supports health and science among other communities’ initiatives across the world.


George Soros: Making All The Right Moves

Billionaire George Soros is someone that has always been ready for the unknown and prepared for anything and everything that is around the corner. You don’t become a billionaire by making poor decisions. You become a billionaire by staying ahead of the curve and being ready for things before they arrive. You have your pulse on what is going on, what to expect, and how to properly handle it. George Soros has always been good at that, and that is why he will always be successful and ready for whatever the financial world throws at him. You are not going to catch him napping.

Recently, he cut his U.S. stocks by 37 percent and and bought a gold miner. George Soros is betting on gold. Gold has always been someone that has been in vogue, so to speak, and he’s getting behind it while the timing is right. He isn’t so sure about equities. He has taken a hard look at things and this is something he doesn’t act out of blue or impulsively. He has done his homework and he is pretty confident in his decision. He has never shied away from moves that other people people might not understand or totally get in the moment. That is what separates him from the pack.

In case you needed a little history on George on, he is the founder and chair of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He was born in 1930 in Budapest and even fled communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 for England. From that point, he graduated from the London School of Economics. It is obvious that his schooling has paid off in droves. It has helped him guide him in life to make the right moves and the right decisions every step of the way. He’s never been one, as I mentioned, to do anything that involves money without really thinking it through. Read more on

What he is most proud of, however, is George Soros’ work as a philanthropist going all the way back to 1979. He knows there are others out there who really, truly need help and he is more than willing to provide it for them. He has never been shy or bashful about helping out a good cause. In fact, he takes pride in it. However, he has never done it for the glory, the game, or to get a pat on the back. He has done it because it it is the right thing to do, morally, and he knows that in his heart. George Soros has helped African-American students in Cape Town University in apartheid South Africa. His Open Society Foundation is all about three important and key values in today’s world: open society, human rights, and transparency.

Skout Helps With Communicating Dating Interest

Communication is the key to successful dating. A person who presents him or herself in a positive way and communicates confidence, class, and style is going to be attractive. The one roadblock even the greatest “catches” have to deal with is not having enough time to go out and be social.

So, don’t go out and be social. Be social through a smartphone app. With a solid mobile social network dating app, meeting new people is easy. By creating a really outstanding profile on the network, the ability to communicate scores of positive traits. A good profile does not have to contain tons of images and paragraph upon paragraph of text to effectively communicate attractive traits. A few photos, videos, and words composed well can do all of this.

The best part is a top dating app allows a profile (and the person on the profile) to be reach others 24 hours a day. The profile becomes an always opening welcome sign posted by the individual hoping to meet someone new. To be sure, the profile has to be connected to a dating app of true merit in order to deliver results.

One of the top online dating apps is Skout, an app developed by the company of the same name. Headquartered in San Francisco, Skout’s primary purpose is to create an awesome and lively mobile social network community for those wishing to meet new people. The San Francisco startup company that developed the app is reaping many rewards, Dating is commonly cited as the reason why people like to sign up with Skout, a good reason to be sure. Many also look to connect with others for friendship which is equally good. That said, anyone whose primary purpose for joining the site is to meet a potential boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be disappointed with the platform.

Downloading the Skout app takes very little effort. Once the app is in place on a smartphone, the app can be used to immediately connect with people all over the world. Whether the new member of the social network wants to meet people in the local neighborhood or chooses to make friends all over the globe, Skout allows for either – or both.

The great success Skout experienced has motivated the company to give something back to the community. Local charities have been supported quite generously by the company. Anyone looking for a dating app with positive vibes definitely will find one with Skout.

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