WEN For Fine Hair

Women and men alike all over the world are falling in love wit WEN [http://www.wenhaircare.com/] by Chaz Dean. This miracle hair care product is changing the way people are washing their hair and they way they feel about their hair. Traditional hair styling methods strip down the hair and leave it devoid of oils, drying it out and leaving it lack luster and dull. WEN cleanses the hair differently. WEN uses natural botanical oils to cleanse the hair of dirt and impurities while leaving the hair’s natural oils intact. The natural oils in the hair seal up the cuticle leaving the hair hydrated and glossy.
Beauty writer Emily McClure decided to give Wen a try for herself and let us know how her fine hair fared in the trial. Many thicker tresses ladies have enjoyed the benefits of WEN but would it be too heavy on Emily’s hair? Although Emily felt that the WEN did feel heavy in her hair it was truly in the pictures where we could see the difference that it made. The feeling of heaviness was just the difference in Emily getting used to the product. The look of her hair went from dull, lifeless and grey looking to a bouncy, sleek and golden mane. WEN will work great for anyone with a thick and unruly mane but will work similar wonders on fine haired people as well. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info. Need Wen? Check out their Amazon page to place your order.


Getting to Know Doe Deere and Lime Crime

There are a few key things that everybody knows about Doe Deere, including that she was born in Russia, she is the Queen of Unicorns, and she runs an outrageous makeup company called Lime Crime. However, these factors only brush the surface of all of the amazing things there is to know about her and her company.

A Young Girl Intent On Making a Name for Herself and Others

Growing up in Russia entailed that Doe Deere had to remain passably reserved, but that did not deter her from standing out in some way. “I was very different and alone in much of my thinking perhaps,” stated Deere as she described her childhood. Sure, she was unable to dye her hair vibrant shades and wear clothing containing a plethora of patterns and colors, but she was able to let her young entrepreneurial characteristics shine through with the establishment of her temporary tattoo business at the age of thirteen. Her sleepovers with friends allowed her to experiment with funky makeup looks, too.

When Doe was only seventeen, she began coming out of the shell that confined her for too long. To further support this transformation to a more outrageous, bold individual, she moved to the United States to pursue music. From 1998 to the early 2000s, the Queen of Unicorns played with a rock band called Sky Salt and even married one of the band members. Though she took to the stage at night, she sat in a classroom for most of the day and eventually obtained a fashion design degree from FIT University.

New Degree, New Capabilities

With her degree and understanding on how to market fashion, Doe Deere began designing and selling dresses through an online business. Her deep-rooted belief that fashion needs to coincide with beauty to some extent allowed her to begin creating makeup, which ultimately led to the establishment of Lime Crime as a cosmetics line.

Inaugurated in 2008, the makeup company quickly began making waves in the reserved makeup industry. In a world where the beauty counter was lined with nude shades and more natural-looking cosmetics, Lime Crime stuck out in a way that disgruntled some, but astounded others in a manner that instilled a sense of hope inside of them.

When the excitement demonstrated by consumers became more apparent, Lime Crime grew in popularity drastically. Currently, the company is among the most followed on social media and continuously ranks high in terms of consumer satisfaction and affordability. Whereas this would make other CEOs lose themselves in the middle of admiration and success, it only makes zany Doe Deere want to please her fans even more and to inspire others along the way.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship

The Eagerly Awaited Lovaganza Announcement On The Global Celebration Finally Made

The Lovaganza foundation has been making waves around the world due to the insistence of the charitable group on seeking an end to the problems facing the children of the world. In recent years the foundation has been pushing forward its aims for the future, which include the chance to provide clean drinking water for the children of the world and reducing the risk of children being exposed to war in their early lives. The grand aims of Lovaganza are to be achieved with funding from entertainment options that will also raise awareness of the issues facing children and adults around the world.

Lovaganza has recently announced the first major event that will bring awareness to the problems facing the world through dance, music, and other entertainment options taking place in 2020. The festival planned by the Lovaganza foundation will take place in eight locations around the world and celebrate every culture on the planet in various forms designed to bring joy to everybody who attends this groundbreaking event.

Initially, the Lovaganza festival around the world was scheduled to take place in 2017, but this has been changed to a May to September 2020 timeline that will bring the young people of the world there first experience similar to that of the traditional world’s fair on lovaganza.com. The long term nature of these festivals taking place around the world will see various media used to provide entertainment and educational opportunities for all, particularly int he form of interactive exhibitions and motion pictures created by Lovaganza and reflecting the ethics of the foundation.

The aims of Lovaganza in terms of children have an initial target of 2035 for being completed before they are expanded to include all adults by the middle of the 21st century. Entertainment options form the basis of the work of Lovaganza, including the release of a trilogy of movies reflecting the traditional values Lovaganza stand for. The work of Lovaganza in the entertainment industry is designed to have a major impact on the future of the planet by providing funding for a wide range of programs capable of bringing change to every area of the world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.kctv5.com/story/32601314/lovaganza-officially-announces-dates-for-its-highly-anticipated-global-celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Why Every Company Needs Reputation Management

Are you looking for information about online reputation? Want to find a highly recommended online reputation management service provider? Online reputation management service is essential nowadays.

Reputation management firms provide services that help businesses operate successfully. These professionals can help you suppress negative content and promote positive content about your business. Derogatory comments and posts damage reputation and make it difficult for a business owner or company manager to run a profitable operation.

Because your online reputation has a huge effect on whether people patronize your business or not, it is extremely important to establish a good online reputation. Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? If a company has negative online reputation, they will have a hard time operating profitably.

If you are concerned about your profile online or your company’s reputation, you need to take steps to ensure that you are well protected and prevent any potential disaster. Anything can happen at any time and could tarnish your online reputation.

Negative comments and reviews can arise from any place, and they can cost your company in potential clients or customers, and sales. You just cannot afford to dismiss or ignore this kind of issue.

Fix Search Results is a great company in the reputation management industry. This company has been around for years and has a large number of clients around the globe. Their clients include both institutional and individual clients and are operating efficiently and productively. Fix Search Results has a team of qualified professionals with great expertise in search engine optimization and digital publishing. These professionals can monitor your reputation for you and any negative content or impending threats can be dealt with appropriately and promptly.

Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows: Pick Your Favorite Lake Tahoe Resort

Most people tend to think of vacations as a summer time tradition. Those who have a love for skiing, however, know winter is the optimal time to take advantage of this particular sport. Although many of those who participate are experienced, it’s ideal for beginners too. Regardless of your skill and knowledge of skiing, it’s always best to ski in a location that accommodates to skiing for safety reasons. At Lake Tahoe resort Squaw Valley you will find just that.

The resort offers something for everyone of every age. The Squaw Kids Adventure Camp is a definite plus to guests with children. This activity will allow you to do things that you want to do during your stay. As for the children, there will be plenty of fun filled activities to keep them busy from mini golf and disc golf to crafts and yoga. This program is designed in two groups ranging from 5 to 7 years old and from 8 to 13 years old. For those who really wish to relax, the Trilogy Spa is a great way to start. From aromatherapy, pedicures, or a full body Swedish style message you won’t be disappointed.

Obviously, one of the main attractions is Lake Tahoe. You will find this place does not lack when it comes to outdoor activities. However, some of the other activities for those wishing to explore range from hiking and walking trails to wall climbing and skiing. If you’re looking to lounge around the resort, you may be interested in the billiard lounge, hot tubs, or swimming pools.

As with any vacation or trip it’s always important to consider what’s available pertaining to the season you’ll be making the trip. For example, some activities are open in summer, but not the winter and vice versa. Activities such as dog sledding or snowmobiles are available only during the winter season. Other activities such as hot tubs, spas, and aerial trams are open in the summer as well. Although all kitchens are fully equipped for those wishing to cook themselves, there are a variety of restaurants in the area offering diverse European food.

Lodging is an important aspect of any vacation. Squaw Valley Resort puts it’s guest first by offering heated parking, full bathrooms to all rooms, and 24 hour desk service. Rooms also include fire places and balconies that really add to the atmosphere of being near Lake Tahoe. It’s strongly recommended that guest take the aerial tram during their visit. It’s the best way to get a great view of the whole area and is available throughout the year regardless of season.


Thor Halvorssen is an Important Fighter for Human Rights

At 39 years old, Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation not only believes in protecting the human rights of others, he lives and breathes it. Thor Halvorssen has gained some notoriety while working as a representative for the Human Rights Foundation, appearing on Fox News and other media outlets, promoting his cause and explaining his beliefs. He works hard, getting up early and going to bed late and despite his long hours, still finds time to moonlight as a filmmaker, but he never stops fighting for the protection of basic human rights.

Halvorssen’s dedication to the cause and work ethic mean that no one wants to be on his bad side. And he doesn’t let political affiliations get in the way of his work either. He fights against all dictators, not just conservatives. He has been known to speak against Kim Jung Il, the dictator and leader of North Korea, a hard line dictator, as well as the current president of Venezuela, who is a socialist. He does not discriminate when it comes to his cause.

Halvorssen is not afraid to get down and dirty for his cause either. On a visit to Ho Chi Minh City in 2010 to interview the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, which is a banned church, he was detained along with the cameraman, who eventually managed to slip out. Halvorssen was not allowed to leave until he was able to convince officials that he was a Buddhist speaker, despite actually being a lapsed Catholic.

It is actions like this that make Halvorsson a formidable opponent. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and he doesn’t back down. Halvorssen’s beliefs run deep. He understands just how difficult it is to live under a government that doesn’t respect human rights. He is half Venezuelan on his mom’s side and spent much of his younger years in the tumultuous country. He stood in the bread lines, and even had close family members who spent time as political prisoners. When it comes to working hard for human rights, Halvorssen is a man who should be taken seriously.

Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824

WEN by Chaz Provides Healthy, Luxurious Locks on the Toughest of Days

When blogger Emily McClure decided to challenge WEN hair by Chaz, she was not sure what to expect at first. She notes at the beginning of her seven-day trial use of their Cleansing Conditioner that she has fine, thin hair hoping for a bouncier, healthier shine.

The first difference Emily noted was the amount of product recommended for each use. Following the directions, she used significantly more shampoo than she normally would use in her hair. She was skeptical of this but very please with the outcome. She reported that Cleansing Conditioner immediately made her hair feel fuller and thicker. It also seemed less likely to “shed” as she washed. See, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

The WEN hair Total Beauty product line was created by Chaz Dean, known for cutting edge work in hair care and products. He designed the line specifically to keep all types of hair healthy regardless of the challenges the hair faced throughout the day.

Emily certainly put that through the test. During her week-long trial, she used the Wen hair shampoo and conditioner on days that were very long and involved traveling. The Sephora marketed product continued to provide great vibrancy and life for her hair despite situations that would normally leave the best hair limp and fading.

How A Financial Leader Started His Career

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has been in the real estate industry for more than two decades now. The company is part of Davos Group. Davos offer financial advice to clients on how best they can utilize their finance. The group has been in the industry too for more than two decades thus, they have mastered the industry and are in a better position of offering services needed by clients.

David Osio went to Catholic University Andres Bello for his tertiary level. He later started his career as the CEO and president of OPED Enterprise which deals with export of coffee. Apart from being an employee of OPED he was also one of the top employees of LETCO commercial companies which is responsible for organizing marketing programs for a good number of products currently being retailed in the united states.

In 1984 he joined MGO a law firm in Caracas where he started with banking law. Where he served for a number of years. keeping in mind he was well skilled and was one of the best legal advisor who who promoted the brand of that entity. He was given a chance to deal with a number of clients including Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. http://www.officialdavidosio.com/

He later decided to start his own business where he formed the Davos Financial Group in 1993. At first, he dealt with specific clients who had subscribed for his service. He later expanded and thus, can meet the demands of a wide range of people.

The primary motive of the group is to offer services that meet the expectation of clients in the global level. Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of mobile application. The company has embraced technology so as to offer high quality service and also to promote efficiency in their daily operation. The calculator will be used to calculate the expected returns of an investment. This is very important for client who would like to invest in different estates. By using this application a client will be able to know if the investment is viable or not. The use of this application will help one make smart investment decisions. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html

Gerard González, the executive director of the entire group, has played a major role in the launch of the application. He has been chairing the all project and at the moment the application is ready for use. Customers can now download it in a number of platforms. The product is designed to suit both android and iPhone.

Check him out on Twitter – @davidosio1

Learn more: https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio

Mary Pirrello Has Become The Future Leader In The Banking Industry

Mary Pirrello is the star that shines brightly in the male-dominated business world of banking. The Texas banking industry recognizes outstanding talent when they see the fruits of their labor. The former Senior Vice President of the National Warehouse Lending at NexBank has another prestigious position to add to her impressive resume.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Mary Pirrello was presented with the reins as president of The Texas Mortgage Banking Association. She began to serve her one year term May 3 of this year. She will develop opportunities for growth and secure partnerships for the organization.
In 2007 she became a board and committee member of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. The TMBA awarded Mary with the James Wooten Scholarship in 2010 and was named a Future Leader.

NexBank was launched in 1934 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The bank employs more than 100 people and has three locations.
The successful company is a $3 billion regional bank that has funded small, medium and large Mortgage Brokers, Investments, Commercial, and Warehouse Lending. The investment division has a variety of advisory and lending services from Mergers & Acquisitions, Recapitalization, Restructuring and advising how to conduct real estate management of the clients property.

The NexBank loans are flexible and cost effective. The client is able to have more than one active loan in circulation. This gives the client more freedom to interact with new ventures with a steady flow of cash. NexBank has personal banking for families, individuals, business leaders’ entrepreneurs and the mega wealthy. The financial advisors are at the clients service to help them with managing stock and retirement portfolios, cash flow, and how the investment process works.




This year’s 4th of July marked a celebration by Fabletics sportswear company as Kate Hudson, its co-founder and spokesmodel, donned on and modeled a special bra top and bottom fashioned in patriotic colors. People magazine’s PeopleStyle recounts the actress’s choice of sportswear–a built-in bra top with a four-way stretch racer front and back shape complemented nicely by chlorine-resistant hipster bottoms that offer UPF 50+/UV protection. The Instagram advertisement also featured red, white and blue stars and stripes as a nod to America’s birthday. Hudson was not shy about making a sassy declaration in her picture and to her Instagram followers; the picture ended up garnering more than one-hundred and twenty seven thousand likes. Source: http://stylenews.people.com/style/2016/07/04/kate-hudson-fourth-of-july-patriotic-beach-wear-fabletics/

Fabletics Company, a subsidiary of JustFab, was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Hudson in July 2013 as an online retailer selling women’s sportswear and accessories; it officially launched on October of that same year. The purpose of the company is to offer personalized outfits for its members based on the members’ lifestyle and fashion preferences. In June 2015, Fabletics launched its men’s active wear line with Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson. The company later expanded its inventory in March 2016 by adding dresses and swimsuits. Finally, in October 2015, Fabletics opened the first brick and mortar retail stores in several major malls across the country.

Fabletics’ membership costs $49.95 per month, although members can opt to skip one month without charge. Registration is simple and entails members completing a survey regarding their workout and lifestyle preferences, after which personalized outfits are chosen based on these preferences at the start of each month.

Fabletics has grown in popularity since its inception, with Forbes reporting 75 to 100 new stores opening in the next three to five years. Kate Hudson herself has worked diligently to promote the company, posing for and marketing the products she has invested in for over 3 years.