Highland Capital Management Donate $10M to the Bush Center

Bolstering its already famous support for the Bush Presidential Library, Highland Capital Management is giving a ten million dollar endowment gift to help bolster the Bush’s Center series for public programs. Highland Capital Management has donated over five million dollars to the Bush Presidential Library since 2012, and this continues that tradition. Highland Capital Management was an early supporter of the Bush Presidential Library and has played a large part in making the Bush Presidential Library what it is today. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The endowment gift will be accompanied by a series of Highland Capital sponsored series as part of a two-part program in conjunction with the National Constitution Center.

The first part of the two-part program will be held with Former Justice Antonin Scalia’s son Christopher Scalia. The evening will commence with a conversation with the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s son and a discussion on his book Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived. Read more at bloomberg.com.

The second part of the night will feature a panel discussion of experts on the today’s media environment, the first amendment, and how James Madison would react today. Among those participating on this panel are Amy Mitchell, who’s expertise lies in media and social media and is the co-author of the Pew Research Center’s annual “State of the News Media” report. Additionally, Jefferey Rosen, the president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, frequent contributor to the New York Times, and nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institute along with Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson. Then panel discussion will be moderated by the Director of Global Initiatives at the Bush Institute Amanda Schnetzer.

The event is free of charge, but guests must RSVP and register for the event on www.bushcenter.org prior to the event. Given the popularity of the Engage events in the past, it is highly recommended that guests interested in attending register as soon as possible. This popular Engage series has previously attracted sellout crowds and generated plenty of buzz since its inception in 2015. Previous guests of the series include Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, daughter of former President George W. Bush, Jenna Bush, former United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, as well as various other newsmakers and thought leaders.

Visit: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031216/highland-capital-management-investment-manager-highlight.asp

Organo Gold Coffee Is More Than Just A Breakfast Drink

Having a smooth, rich cup of coffee tends to help the mind and body rid itself of stress and tension. Coffee is a very popular beverage that is consumed throughout the day. Although it is considered the morning breakfast drink that starts the day with an energy boost, some people find that it is very relaxing as an evening or night time drink. What ever the preference, coffee seems to be the number one beverage of choice throughout the world. It no longer comes in the plain coffee bean flavor. Today, coffee comes in an array of flavor combinations. Organo Gold is a global distributor of premium coffee and teas in a variety of flavors. Watch this video on Youtube.

A global marketing network, Organo Gold is on a mission to help multi millions of people reach a higher level of well being, freedom, and balance in their lives. The beverages that are distributed by Organo Gold are of the highest quality, and made with Ganoderma. This is a large mushroom that is believed to have medicinal qualities. They not only provide the world with premium products, they also offer many business opportunities. Their many products can only be purchased through an Organo Gold distributor. A distributor can be found in one of over fifty countries. The company also offers personal care products as well as their beverages. Visit Orguniversity.com to know more.

The company got it’s beginning in a small shop with only three employees, and a remarkably superb cup of coffee. From there, the growth of the company has been tremendous, and the distributors are seeing increases in their revenue, therefore, are able to plan for brighter futures. The Organo Gold distributors will provide free samples to their customers, as well as automated shipping. Organo Gold also offers a weight loss product that will help with the tedium of losing weight by making the process more fun and energetic. Drink you way to a higher energy level, and use their personal care products to enhance your daily routines. The coffee is amazing, no matter what time of the day that you have it. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/coffee/organo-tells-history-coffee-international-coffee-day-approaches/

EXPLAINED: Sentient AI & Ecommerce Recommendation Egnines

Artificial intelligence (commonly referred to as AI) is defined by google as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages”. The idea of artificial intelligence has captivated and intrigued people since decades before it was even created. Many futurist as well as technologist and engineers predict that Artificial intelligence will be among the most important inventions of the 21st century. This article aims to discuss sentient AI & Ecommerce Recommendation Engines and the effects that these technologies may have on the world.

Ecommerce Recommendation Engines are being used to transform the way consumers and products interact in the market place; they help users find the products that they actually want to buy, but its more than that. Ecommerce Recommendation Engines use AI, but not only AI, sentient AI. Sentient AI allows Ecommerce Recommendation Engines to understand the buyer on a whole new level and is a vauable tool in our vastly competitive and ever expanding global market. Ecommerce Recommendation Engines are used to automatically monitor/categorize web activity in order to make online shopping more convenient and enjoyable. This engine does not only display “popular items”, but it also analyses millions of shoppers and fully personalizes suggestions based on multiple different strategies; not even just relevancy. Ecommerce Recommendation Engines combine “similarity-based” and “popularity-based” strategies for highly relevant results and higher conversion rates. The creators of this technology wanted customers to be able to easily manage merchandises and so, the builders are able to “make rules that automatically update units according to stock availability”. Ecommerce Recommendation Engines even offer users the ability to extend recommendations on any web page, including personal profiles.

If technology is modern art then sentient AI might just be the David. As a young person this technology is particularly exciting. The future never ceases to amuse and surprise which is one of the many reasons that companies will need to rely on AI to keep up. With billions of people in the world looking for products we will need a technological system that is aware enough to adapt on its own. Sentient AI can actually do that by using Ecommerce Recommendation Engines. It’s beautiful. I am anxious to see what else the geniuses designing these technologies will come up with next.

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Soft And Smooth Hair With Cleansing Conditioners

If you find that the hair is breaking more than it should and that it feels dry, then consider using cleansing conditioners. The product isn’t harsh on the hair, and it leaves the hair soft and manageable. The conditioner will not only make the hair soft, but it will also strengthen the hair. It only takes about two weeks of washing the hair with a cleansing conditioner to see a difference.

You can buy WEN products on Ebay.

Cleansing conditioners work well with colored hair and won’t strip the color like other products that you would use. You’ll also find that the product doesn’t leave a lot of buildup on the scalp. This helps to prevent dandruff and flaky skin that occurs with shampoos and conditioners that are used in conjunction with each other. The conditioner doesn’t foam. All you have to do is rub the product onto the scalp and run it through the hair with a comb. Leave it on the hair for about 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

WEN by Chaz Dean offers a cleansing conditioner that is a 5-in-1 product. It gently cleans the hair while leaving it silky and soft. There aren’t any harsh sulfates in the product, and the conditioner leaves the hair strong after it’s washed.

Learn more about Chaz Dean: http://www.thegloss.com/beauty/chaz-dean-wen-haircare-product-development-interview/

George Soros: Making All The Right Moves

Billionaire George Soros is someone that has always been ready for the unknown and prepared for anything and everything that is around the corner. You don’t become a billionaire by making poor decisions. You become a billionaire by staying ahead of the curve and being ready for things before they arrive. You have your pulse on what is going on, what to expect, and how to properly handle it. George Soros has always been good at that, and that is why he will always be successful and ready for whatever the financial world throws at him. You are not going to catch him napping.

Recently, he cut his U.S. stocks by 37 percent and and bought a gold miner. George Soros is betting on gold. Gold has always been someone that has been in vogue, so to speak, and he’s getting behind it while the timing is right. He isn’t so sure about equities. He has taken a hard look at things and this is something he doesn’t act out of blue or impulsively. He has done his homework and he is pretty confident in his decision. He has never shied away from moves that other people people might not understand or totally get in the moment. That is what separates him from the pack.

In case you needed a little history on George on http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp, he is the founder and chair of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He was born in 1930 in Budapest and even fled communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 for England. From that point, he graduated from the London School of Economics. It is obvious that his schooling has paid off in droves. It has helped him guide him in life to make the right moves and the right decisions every step of the way. He’s never been one, as I mentioned, to do anything that involves money without really thinking it through. Read more on http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/17/soros-fund-management-outlines-new-allocations.html

What he is most proud of, however, is George Soros’ work as a philanthropist going all the way back to 1979. He knows there are others out there who really, truly need help and he is more than willing to provide it for them. He has never been shy or bashful about helping out a good cause. In fact, he takes pride in it. However, he has never done it for the glory, the game, or to get a pat on the back. He has done it because it it is the right thing to do, morally, and he knows that in his heart. George Soros has helped African-American students in Cape Town University in apartheid South Africa. His Open Society Foundation is all about three important and key values in today’s world: open society, human rights, and transparency.

Skout Helps With Communicating Dating Interest

Communication is the key to successful dating. A person who presents him or herself in a positive way and communicates confidence, class, and style is going to be attractive. The one roadblock even the greatest “catches” have to deal with is not having enough time to go out and be social.

So, don’t go out and be social. Be social through a smartphone app. With a solid mobile social network dating app, meeting new people is easy. By creating a really outstanding profile on the network, the ability to communicate scores of positive traits. A good profile does not have to contain tons of images and paragraph upon paragraph of text to effectively communicate attractive traits. A few photos, videos, and words composed well can do all of this.

The best part is a top dating app allows a profile (and the person on the profile) to be reach others 24 hours a day. The profile becomes an always opening welcome sign posted by the individual hoping to meet someone new. To be sure, the profile has to be connected to a dating app of true merit in order to deliver results.

One of the top online dating apps is Skout, an app developed by the company of the same name. Headquartered in San Francisco, Skout’s primary purpose is to create an awesome and lively mobile social network community for those wishing to meet new people. The San Francisco startup company that developed the app is reaping many rewards, Dating is commonly cited as the reason why people like to sign up with Skout, a good reason to be sure. Many also look to connect with others for friendship which is equally good. That said, anyone whose primary purpose for joining the site is to meet a potential boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be disappointed with the platform.

Downloading the Skout app takes very little effort. Once the app is in place on a smartphone, the app can be used to immediately connect with people all over the world. Whether the new member of the social network wants to meet people in the local neighborhood or chooses to make friends all over the globe, Skout allows for either – or both.

The great success Skout experienced has motivated the company to give something back to the community. Local charities have been supported quite generously by the company. Anyone looking for a dating app with positive vibes definitely will find one with Skout.

Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-dunn/women-in-business-portia_b_7168318.html

Bringing Stylish Outfits to Busy Women: JustFab

E-commerce subscriptions for clothing, movies, and other services is not a new idea. JustFab brings the pieces together to help their clients pull together outfits styled from head to toe. The LA based company is at the mecca of fashion, staying up to date on the latest trends. This company has grown exponentially and has partnered with other companies and even shows to bring their brand to the forefront. Read more: JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties and @justfabonline

The homepage of JustFab shows a gorgeous array of clothing carefully pieced together. For a 39.95 subscription fee, this service is invaluable to the busy working women who doesn’t have time to shop and research style pieces. JustFab’s commitment to fashion and their customer’s happiness is evident through their strategic business moves and clever marketing strategies.

Recently, JustFab partnered with Project Runway, both the company and show are known for being trend setters. Project Runway likes to run competitions, and they partnered with JustFab to dangle a tantalizing prize in front of the winner’s face: their winning design will be shown and sold through JustFab. The participant who wins will be able to make money from their passion immediately. This partnership shows JustFab’s commitment to the latest in fashion design.

A stylish company by itself, JustFab has merged with ShoeDazzle, another well-known e-commerce business, to create a fashion giant in e-commerce. The two companies are dedicated to bring stylish clothes and shoes to their customers. Together they are slated to earn 400 million in 2014 alone. This profitable partnership will bring the styled clothes to their customers and grow these two e-commerce businesses exponentially.

JustFab offers personalized styles and outfits for their members and allows them to buy pieces or whole outfits. Its brand is constantly changing and growing to meet their customer’s needs. Their dedication to the latest and stylish trends are apparent through their media and business partnerships.

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Make Friends Easily With Skout’s App

It didn’t occur to me until recently how easy it is to make friends. I’m not talking about going to bars and coffee shops, desperately hoping that you will forge some strange connection to someone. Those sort of friendships are built more organically. I’m referring to the friends you can make by visiting online apps, social media apps and dating sites. The problem with going through dating sites is that most of them are geared towards a more romantic encounter, so you will have to sift through tons of people who are interested in a romantic relationship to find the ones who actually want a real friendship online.

How To Make Friends Online

One of the best ways to find online friends is by going through Skout. If you haven’t heard of Skout yet, here is your chance to catch up on what this new and exciting platform has to offer people. Skout is unlike the usual dating sites. It doesn’t require payment in order to register, and they won’t have you sign any kind of contracts. Actually, Skout isn’t even a dating application at all. People use it to find dates, of course, but Skout has other features besides finding romantic partners. Skout allows people to search for friends online. It is more of a social media application than any other dating website.

Skout allows you to search for people based on a wide variety of search criteria. You can search for people with similar interests as yourself, or you can look for people in your area that are the same age as you to make friends with them. They have a great system, really. It comes with this messenger that sends notifications to your phone when you get a new message. According to a survey that Skout conducted, over 90 percent of people that use their application are using it on a mobile device instead of using a computer.

Skout is a great way to make real friends online. Their survey gives some interesting details about peoples’ perceptions of online friendships that you may not have known. In 23,000 people surveyed for their study, they reported that 3 out of 4 of users had at least one friend from the internet. It’s incredible that you can make real friends in this way. To look at the article on the survey, go to PR Newswire’s website.