Bringing Stylish Outfits to Busy Women: JustFab

E-commerce subscriptions for clothing, movies, and other services is not a new idea. JustFab brings the pieces together to help their clients pull together outfits styled from head to toe. The LA based company is at the mecca of fashion, staying up to date on the latest trends. This company has grown exponentially and has partnered with other companies and even shows to bring their brand to the forefront. Read more: JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties and @justfabonline

The homepage of JustFab shows a gorgeous array of clothing carefully pieced together. For a 39.95 subscription fee, this service is invaluable to the busy working women who doesn’t have time to shop and research style pieces. JustFab’s commitment to fashion and their customer’s happiness is evident through their strategic business moves and clever marketing strategies.

Recently, JustFab partnered with Project Runway, both the company and show are known for being trend setters. Project Runway likes to run competitions, and they partnered with JustFab to dangle a tantalizing prize in front of the winner’s face: their winning design will be shown and sold through JustFab. The participant who wins will be able to make money from their passion immediately. This partnership shows JustFab’s commitment to the latest in fashion design.

A stylish company by itself, JustFab has merged with ShoeDazzle, another well-known e-commerce business, to create a fashion giant in e-commerce. The two companies are dedicated to bring stylish clothes and shoes to their customers. Together they are slated to earn 400 million in 2014 alone. This profitable partnership will bring the styled clothes to their customers and grow these two e-commerce businesses exponentially.

JustFab offers personalized styles and outfits for their members and allows them to buy pieces or whole outfits. Its brand is constantly changing and growing to meet their customer’s needs. Their dedication to the latest and stylish trends are apparent through their media and business partnerships.

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