George Soros: Making All The Right Moves

Billionaire George Soros is someone that has always been ready for the unknown and prepared for anything and everything that is around the corner. You don’t become a billionaire by making poor decisions. You become a billionaire by staying ahead of the curve and being ready for things before they arrive. You have your pulse on what is going on, what to expect, and how to properly handle it. George Soros has always been good at that, and that is why he will always be successful and ready for whatever the financial world throws at him. You are not going to catch him napping.

Recently, he cut his U.S. stocks by 37 percent and and bought a gold miner. George Soros is betting on gold. Gold has always been someone that has been in vogue, so to speak, and he’s getting behind it while the timing is right. He isn’t so sure about equities. He has taken a hard look at things and this is something he doesn’t act out of blue or impulsively. He has done his homework and he is pretty confident in his decision. He has never shied away from moves that other people people might not understand or totally get in the moment. That is what separates him from the pack.

In case you needed a little history on George on, he is the founder and chair of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He was born in 1930 in Budapest and even fled communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 for England. From that point, he graduated from the London School of Economics. It is obvious that his schooling has paid off in droves. It has helped him guide him in life to make the right moves and the right decisions every step of the way. He’s never been one, as I mentioned, to do anything that involves money without really thinking it through. Read more on

What he is most proud of, however, is George Soros’ work as a philanthropist going all the way back to 1979. He knows there are others out there who really, truly need help and he is more than willing to provide it for them. He has never been shy or bashful about helping out a good cause. In fact, he takes pride in it. However, he has never done it for the glory, the game, or to get a pat on the back. He has done it because it it is the right thing to do, morally, and he knows that in his heart. George Soros has helped African-American students in Cape Town University in apartheid South Africa. His Open Society Foundation is all about three important and key values in today’s world: open society, human rights, and transparency.